16 August 2022

Chapter 3 is a play to mint strategy game. To participate in this chapter, you’ll need to hold one of the following: GEN1, GEN2 or a Chapter 3 Pass.

Minting the Captains Quarters will be bought back for 2 ETH if it is listed within 3 days for 2 ETH.

Blackbeard's Cabin


Power cabins will provide different scales of boosts to gameplay. If you own more than 1 power cabin you will be able to switch between them in your dashboard, but only 1 can be activated at a time. Each cabin will have a unique power play and switching between them will be an added level of strategy to the game. Owning only 1 will allow you to activate or deactivate it in your dashboard.
Ie. If you mint a jail cell, you will receive a % salt spent on all failed loot box opens. If you mint a library, you will receive a bonus of all resources.

Gold Vault
Cyberpunk Room
Thomas Tew Room